Let’s throw away prejudices and Taste our organic goat products. You can then judge for yourself whether they smell of goat or not, and whether eating goat products is good for you in the long run. Goat’s milk can offer you not only positive beauty effects, but also internal health effects. Its effectiveness is tested by centuries, its use is recommended by many doctors and nutritionists.

More and more people are struggling with poor digestibility or directly cow´s milk allergy. They are therefore looking for alternatives to keep dairy products in their diet.

Milk from our farm is sourced under strict and relevant organisations controlled technological conditions. The animals are fed healthy food from our own organic production. In the production of organic cheese all raw materials come from organic farming. The goats spend a large part of their day in the environment of grassy pastures in the hills of the Beskydy Protected Landscape Area.

Goat’s milk is nutritionally very similar to cow’s milk, yet it has several important characteristics that set it apart:

  • Ubichon 50 was identified as the substance responsible for the main beneficial effect according to the research. It improves the overall condition of the organism, strengthens the immune system, harmonise the nervous system, improve chronical skin and digestive disease.

Your health is important to us! Come and strengthen and consolidate it at the ZERLINA farm.