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Family farm farming on traditional Wallachian land

In the beautiful landscape of Wallachia we have had a family farm since 2007, where a herd of brown shorthaired goats run around our pastures. From their milk we produce fresh cheese, gourmet aged cheese, drinks, cottage cheese or ice cream, all in organic quality. We also offer many eco-tourism activities with a focus on families and lovers of Wallachian traditions.

Tvrdý kozí sýr

Organic goat cheeses

Taste the delicious goat cheeses and other dairy products that we make for you by hand and with love in our farm mini-dairy.

Kůzlata na kozí farmě

Farm tour

For everyone, without distinction, who wants to learn how a normal day on the farm goes with demonstrations in the barn. Finished with cheese tasting.
Apartmán na kozí farmě


We have prepared for you a spacious, fully equipped and newly renovated 4 bedroom apartment overlooking the stables and the animal paddock.
Faremní obchůdek

Farm shop

All farm produce is sold in the shop, where you can also buy handicraft products of our Wallachian colleagues.
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Selected goat cheeses

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Traditional Wallachian farm in a modern concept


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