From the staff diary……

“It’s early in the morning. It is still dark, as the darkness is slowly receding, but the sun has not yet risen. The snow-covered farm reminds me more of a phantom from fairy tales than a real building at this time.  This atmosphere is enhanced by the omnipresent peace and silence. There is a similar atmosphere in the stable. The brownies are still lying down and only Rika is quietly greeting me with a growl.

I´m gonna hear something else. The sound goes from the back part of  stable. I’m curiously going to check it out. And there,  In the corner under the hay, two newborn baby goats and their proud mother goat look at me.

For a moment I just stand there spellbound. The bigger from  both baby goats clumsily get up and look for the much needed life-giving milk. The mother goat licks him carefully. The other goat, perhaps disturbed by the sudden departure of its sibling, quietly purrs. Its mother answers its call quietly and it, encouraged by her call, follows the sound uncertainly. Soon he joins his sibling and they are both feeding for the sixth time.

I’ll let the new family stay with the other goats for a while. And then I’ll move them to a separate box so they have proper privacy. While writing new additions to the stable diary I suddenly realize that on 19th February begins the Year of the Goat.

In  Chinese culture, the goat is a symbol of motherhood, peace, tranquility and harmony. And as I observe the new family, I must s just agree with this……”