Are you interested in how it works on a Wallachian family farm? We will be happy to welcome you and let you take a peek into our stable, of course we will also throw in some wisdom:) The content of the excursion is always tailored to the group, the weather and your time.

What you will learn and try?

  • History of our homestead
  • Why we decided to breed brown shorthaired goats and what other animals you can see on the farm
  • A short farmer´s review – how much does a goat milk, how is the courtship with the groom, births of baby goats, does a goat have a sweet tooth
  • Let’s take a look at the tractor or self-sufficiency with our own fodder and fields
  • And, Mommy, where do the cheeses come from? The milk’s journey to the final product
  • Beware the herding dog in action! Driving out the herd followed by a demonstration of the work of our border collies.
  • And here comes the tasting! For the gourmets we have cheese-ripened delicacies, for the suspicious we have more delicate fresh cheese. For the little ones, goat cocoa. All this in the pleasant surroundings of the farm shop.


Duration: 1-2 hours
Booking: IT MUST, at leat 24 hours advanced, 731 216 911 nebo info@zerlina.cz
Participants: 2 – 50 max.
Place: farma Zerlina, Hážovice 2070, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
Price: 85 Kč/adult, 65 Kč/children